Top 5 Most Anticipated Games for Nintendo in 2020

We are full-swing into the new year and it is looking to be an exciting one! But, doesn’t it always seem that way in the beginning? 🤨😅 Then, about halfway through, we realize it’s pretty much the same as last year? 🙋‍♂️

Pokémon Prelude Before the List

Well, if you are Nintendo, it is definitely looking to be a very, very exciting year! And, talking about exciting: how many of us had the opportunity to check out the Pokémon direct? If you are a Pokémon fan and haven’t seen it, check it out. Nintendo has announced the following:

  • Isle of Armor DLC (June 2020)
    • 100 familiar Pokémon coming to Sword & Shield (free update) plus explore the new Armor island 🏝🏖
  • The Crown Tundra (Fall 2020)
    • Another 100 Pokémon returning in Sword & Shield (free update) plus explore the cold wintry region of Galar 🥶
  • New expansion pass for both DLCs available now in the Nintendo eshop (29.99 USD)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (we will discuss this later 😉)
  • Pokémon HOME: an app that will connect your Switch account to mobile and let you store, manage, and trade Pokémon on the go!
Free update is available now! Go get your pre-order and Galarian Slowpoke

Now, there is a caveat: if you read the fine print on the screenshot above, you will notice that it says, “newly added Pokémon cannot be obtained within the base Pokémon [Sword/Shield] games. However, they can be brought into those games by trading with someone who has an Expansion Pass or by using Pokémon HOME.”

In other words, the base Sword & Shield games will ONLY be able to recognize the new Pokémon vía trade with another account that does have the DLC(s). Maybe not the best news for vanilla-only game owners, but the fact you can still support the new Pokémon for free is pretty cool 😎 Just be sure to tell your expansion pass-owning friend ‘thank you’.

Alright, that is enough Pokémon news for this is article. I could keep going. I still haven’t even touched the top 5 anticipated Nintendo games! Bet you forgot about that, huh? I know I did 😅

Now to the Top 5 Most Anticipated Games for Nintendo in 2020!

Alright, let’s get to it: Nintendo is expecting 2020 to be a big year. They have a lot planned to give us. And, of course, by give I mean require payment. Here is my list of Top 5 Most Anticipated Games from Nintendo this year. This list only contains new releases for 2020 (including sequels and remakes), but it doesn’t include DLCs (sorry Pokémon Sword & Shield).

#5 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (TBA 2020)

The Definitive Edition was announced in September 2019

Xenoblade Chronicles was an epic success from Monolith Software back in 2012. It set a standard for the Wii that not many other games achieved. IGN ranked the game 9 out of 10 back then. The game even earned a spot on their Editor’s Choice. Now, the adventure is being remastered for the Switch in all of its glory.

The beautiful open world is comparable to the grandeur found in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Compare the slideshow below to the second picture down. Can you already see the difference? 😏

The Xenoblade battle system on the Wii console was real-time, so we can expect to see something very similar in the Switch. I’m curious to know how the motion-control in the Joy-Cons will be used. Perhaps we will see some hack-and-slash through sword-wielding arm motions?

Can you imagine seeing yourself just thrusting that Joy-Con all around like a crazy person? Hehe, I already see it in my head…and I also see a broken flat screen 😩

Characters have levels, HP, and everything else a JRPG should have

There was so much to do in this game and so much to explore. Someone could easily put in 100+ hours on this game, and would be right to do so. Just seeing how successful Xenoblade was on the Wii really gives me hope that it will find the same success on the Switch.

#4 Bravely Default II (TBA 2020)

For those of us who have played Bravely Default on the DS, we know that this story is one full of charming characters, wonderful adventures, and features a strong bond between characters.

Our heroes are ready for the adventure!

Nintendo has not shown us much with Bravely Default II other than the teaser trailer above, but the anticipation is strong to continue this amazing universe from 2014 and Bravely Second (2016). I am curious to see if we will return to strategic combat or if Square Enix will try using real-time combat (similar to the Mass Effect/Dragon Age series), wherein you control multiple characters and switch through them during combat to change orders/direction/etc.

Also, I want to know how Square Enix is going to incorporate the Joy-Cons. I know I’ve said that twice now – it’s just that the remote is so versatile! We will find out soon!

#3 Tokyo Mirage Sessions™ #FE Encore (Jan 17, 2020)

Finally a Top game with a launch date! And the soonest-to-release at that!

Nintendo is taking us back to 2015 with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (by the way Nintendo is really into remakes this year). Even the next one on the list is a Remake! C’mon Nintendo, we need new material…unless of course you’re going to remake A Link to the Past. Please do that, then move on! 😉 Also if Breath of the Wild 2 were officially announced for 2020, this list would probably be different.

Okay, enough complaints for now 🙃

For those of us who have not played the original Tokyo Mirage Sessions, basically, both the Fire Emblem universe and Atlus universe collided together six years ago and provided us with a JRPG that contained good music, strategic battles, and some nice drama to tie it all together.

As in the first game, your characters’ creative powers are none other than the very Fire Emblem characters that represents each superstar persona.

This remake will include a new song, new story, and certain battle elements that were not included in the 2015 Wii U version. Nintendo, what do you have in store??

We can expect to find out in less than a week!

#2 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Rescue Team DX (Mar 06, 2020)

Yes!! We have come back to more Pokémon! I really just can’t have enough. In fact, you may see a little more bias in my writing here – completely unintentional of course. I just love these creatures. It was a big part of my childhood during the late 90s.

This is going to be an exciting remake. The original Mystery Dungeon was released in North America in 2006 for the Nintendo DS and was an absolute amazing game.

Check out the difference between the 2006 release and the 2020 release. Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.

The story remains practically the same: you can meet and recruit new Pokémon to adventure in and out of dungeons sprawling the world. The team that you make will essentially become a “rescue” team and your objective will be to make the world safer.

Nintendo is using strategic turn-based combat (similar to Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden) and it looks like absolute fun.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX trailer as seen on YouTube/IGN

Nintendo is promising that we will see online play; however, the game itself is 1 player. Can we expect to see cooperative play?

Note: The Crown Tundra will include cooperative play for Pokémon Sword & Shield 😎

Well, we have 3 more months to wait, but you don;t have to wait to play the demo! It is available now in the Nintendo eshop and you can transfer your save data to the full game when it comes out. Just log into your account and select Demo Available. It will automatically send it to your Switch. Enjoy!

#1 Animal Crossing™: New Horizons (Mar 20, 2020)

As biased as I am to Pokémon, I had to give Top #1 to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game looks simply amazing. You can do so much in this game!!!

  • Gather resources
  • Learn recipes
  • Go fishing
  • Create tools
  • Build your camp/home
  • Buy seeds for planting
  • Till the earth
  • Plant a garden
  • Make paths
  • Pick fruits
  • Make new friends online
  • Share an island with said friends
  • Enjoy real seasons depending on where you are at in the world.
  • So much!!

Take a look at some of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing screenshots below:

In game, we can expect full character customization as well as in-home customization. You can even decorate the landscape and make it your very own!

The crafting system is expected to be filled with tons of recipes and new things to make. This will require a lot of gathering, so be sure to start early in the day.

The game is going to be filled all kinds of relaxing activities meanwhile you try to turn Nook Inc. Deserted Island into your very own paradise get-away.


And that is that for my Top 5 Most Anticipated Nintendo Games of 2020. I hope you have enjoyed the list. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my list in the comments below. What would you have preferred to see in the list and why?

Feedback is always welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to read this article.

Don’t forget to check out the main page for our social media links and follow me if you like what you see.

See you soon!

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